Understand the importance of actionable lab, pathology and diagnostic test data for interoperability

Interoperability in healthcare includes both complete access to large amounts of essential clinical and diagnostic data that is appropriately aggregated and normalized for meaningful use in clinical decision-making by physicians and providers, as well as, healthcare analytics and predictive modelling programs used towards improving population health and disease management.

And what accounts for the bulk of this data?  It is laboratory, pathology and other diagnostic testing results.

Download our free white paper, that will discuss the importance how interoperability of this actionable, data can help healthcare organizations:

  • Analyze lab and diagnostic imaging data for early identification of disease
  • Identify predictive measures to identify those at risk for a disease
  • Diagnose and confirm disease identification, extent and type
  • Determine treatment plan based upon lab and diagnostic test results
  • Ascertain whether treatment is working using data for compliance surveillance
  • Make clinical decisions and determine treatment plan



White Paper: Why Access to Complete Lab & Diagnostic Data is Important to Providers, Payers & Patients